Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Whew!  Where did January go?  I can't say I'm really sad to see it go, it has been one whirlwind after another!  I started this month off by having surgery, you know the kind of surgery where 1/2 the people when they hear say "Oh it is so much is easier than 10 years ago, you will bounce back in no time!" & the other 1/2 say "Oh, you will be down for 6 weeks. Here is a list of the things you can't do..."  And then they begin to hover...and if you know me you know how much I LOVE to be hovered over, it is not that I don't appreciate the help, I do, it is just I like to do things for myself.  Not being able to do what I want when I want, well... we will save that rant for another post.
   So anyhow back to January,  then of course there is the Cub Scout triumph that is the Pinewood Derby.  Now at our house this year was our first as participants, we had been involved when I was Cubmaster, totally different!  I am proud to say that we did not go overboard, but with Kent traveling the planning did seem to be quite consuming, but we got the car built as a family, even if Mama was more there for moral support than anything.  The next Monday, Bug woke up with a temp. of 102....by lunch  Turtle was home with it.  The Dr.  keeps telling me that I can expect up to 6 mos of fatigue, I had no idea what fatigue was till I fell asleep while reading to the minions.  The last bit of craziness came in the form of a 5th grade science fair project.  You would think a child of mine would be all in for a science project, I mean really can you use a potato battery  as a blasting cap?  The world needs to know,  but really it was all we could do to get through it.  But here we are, Feb.1, a fresh start,  too bad I'm so tired I can't get off the couch!  Oh, and did I mention we had to replace the hot water heater...I need a nap.  The weather is great(if you like cold), wish you were here.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

The beautiful New Year...

This last year has been a busy one!  Todd had his Tonsills removed, Keith started preschool for the very first time and Natalie became a pre-teen.  I an effort to keep my brain from turning from mush I have taught my self to knit,learned to crochet dish scrubbies and learned my very favorite new hobby of all time!...Snow shoeing!  I am preparing for surgery in 3 days and I an a little freaked out but a little fear is good for you.  My resolution is to blog every day and to try to come up with a wonderfully witty and funny something to keep you amused.  Colgate had a hard time marketing their toothpaste in Spanish speaking coutries...Colgate translates in to the command go hang your self.
Just remember the weather is fine, wish you were here..

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

...Over the river and through the woods,

To Grandmother's house we DON'T go.  I am not sure how the weather service could possibly gotten it this wrong but they did.  We were heading over to Denver for turkey day and we thought that, based on the weather reports, we would miss the majority of the storm.  We would have been better off in a sleigh!  We made it to the Wyoming boarder just fine but less than 20 miles later we were white knuckling it through zero visibility, soooo...we turned around. Thank's to the Best Western in Evanston for being pet friendly and letting our two over-sized fur balls stay with us in the nice warm room 'cause it was cold! This morning coming down the canyon it was very slick and a little scary, but as soon as we got in to the valley we started to question our sanity, there was no snow on the ground like had been forcasted...what?!?!?!  Well anyhow here we are safe and warm at home, with a turkey breast in a brine, ready to go on the grill in the am.  Thanksgiving is going to be a special day of just our little family being together.  I am thankful for my Hubs, whether he is here or not.  I am thankful for my kiddos, even when I'm not feeling it.  I am thankful for my home, even when it is a mess and I want to run screaming from it.  I am thankful for my religion and for the rights of others to not believe.  I am thankful for my right to rant and your ability to read it...or not.
The weather's great, wish you were here!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

...Mime school

Last night, while in the middle of reading a story to my three little delights, my vocal cords decided to take an early holiday.  Me, being the sunny optimist that I am, thought for sure that my voice would be just fine after a good nights sleep...oh silly me.  First of all, I don't remember the last time I got a good nights sleep, and second of all I just don't have that good of luck. So here I am quietly screaming to be heard and acting out instructions for my children as they mock me.  I might as well be in an invisible box performing silly tricks for all the laughing coming from the direction of the kids.  The problem is I can get as mad as I want but really, how scary is a 5'4 woman who sound like a dog's squeaky  toy?  They start copying me and then I start laughing with them...then every dog in the neighborhood shows up.  Although the best was when I answered the phone and it was a "courtesy call" for my hubs and the man on the other end asked "Is your Daddy home?"  I'm only a mom , who needs to talk?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

...tech blackhole

we have all been there, why won't my computer work?  You  would think having a computer guy as a hubby I would be immune but alas.  I just hope that all or blogging will be smooth sailing  after this!

This is a test only a test

This is a test to see if it will publish to facebook


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